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Vormetric Data Security Platform

Simple one-stop, data-at-rest security

Vormetric Data Security Platform

The Vormetric Data Security Platform makes it easy and efficient to manage data-at-rest security across your entire organization. Built on an extensible infrastructure, the data security protection platform features multiple data security products that can be deployed individually or in combination to deliver advanced encryption, tokenization and centralized key management. This data security solution prepares your organization for the next security challenge and new compliance requirement at the lowest TCO.

Data Security Platform


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Lower TCO

The Vormetric Data Security Platform is one data security platform, centrally managed for delivering comprehensive data security solutions.

Data Security

Moving security to the data itself is more effective protection because it minimizes the potential for any surreptitious access.


Data Security Platform capabilities such as encryption, access control, audit logs and key management satisfy data security requirements across many government, industry and corporate mandates.

Policy and Key Management

FIPS 140-2 compliant virtual appliance or hardware appliance

Supported Environments

Physical Server, Virtual Server, Public-Private-Hybrid Cloud, Big Data, Container

Encryption Techniques

Advanced Encryption Standard (AES), Format Preserving Encryption (FPE), Granular Database, Transparent File-level

Data Pseudonymization Techniques

Cryptographic Tokenization, Random Tokenization, Dynamic Data Masking, Static Data Masking, Batch Transformation

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