Data Security Solutions for Outsourcing Service Providers

Thales’ data access and authentication and data protection solutions defend data for outsourcing service providers.


Outsourcing is a highly attractive strategy in today's economic environment and competitive global market. Enterprises outsource a variety of functions to third parties to reduce costs and time to market, free up resources to concentrate on core capabilities, and gain a competitive edge. Global outsourcing offers these substantial benefits, but also poses data security challenges. Thales data security solutions can help outsourcing service providers protect their customers' data.

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Protect Sensitive PII and PCI Data

Many of the tasks delegated to outsourcing service providers require companies to entrust their outsourcing partner with sensitive information, including personal information, such as tax returns and credit card information. Potential outsourcing customers know that breach of this entrusted information will put them at risk for compliance fines, forced breach notifications, and damaged corporate reputations.

Protect Intellectual Property

Outsourcing also poses a potentially costly threat to intellectual property (IP) in the form of digital information such as source code, engineering drawings, etc. A client company must often provide the outsourcing partner with access to vital IP assets, which are the key to the company's competitive edge. Exposing this valuable information to outsiders poses a significant security risk.

Provide Easy Access to Data while Keeping it Safe

Both the customer and the outsourcing partner need certain kinds of access to the data to do their jobs, so the digital information needs to be accessible but still protected.

Maintain Customer Enterprise Control

CipherTrust Data Security solutions from Thales enable enterprises to secure the information being sent to the outsourced environment while the enterprise establishes and controls security access to the information.

CipherTrust Tokenization with Dynamic Masking

CipherTrust Data Security includes CipherTrust Tokenization and Dynamic Masking, which lets administrators establish policies to return an entire field tokenized or dynamically mask parts of a field. With the solution’s format-preserving tokenization capabilities, managers can restrict access to sensitive assets while formatting the protected data in a way that enables many users to do their jobs.

Quick to Install

Thales can work with you to install its CipherTrust Data Security solutions in weeks rather than months. Thales solutions work with most major operating systems, including Linux, UNIX and Windows servers in physical, virtual, cloud and big data Cardholder Data Environments (CDE).

Easy to Use

CipherTrust Data Security makes it simple to solve security and compliance concerns by simultaneously defending data in databases, files and Big Data nodes across public, private, hybrid clouds and traditional infrastructures. Central management of the entire data security platform makes it easy to extend data security protection and satisfy compliance requirements across the entire enterprise, growing as required, without adding new hardware or increasing operational burdens.

Won’t Hurt System Performance

Customers typically report no perceptible impact to end-user experience when using Thales solutions. Thales performs encryption and decryption operations at the optimal location of the files system or volume manager taking advantage of hardware cryptographic acceleration, such as Intel® Advanced Encryption Standard-New Instructions (Intel® AES-NI) and SPARC Niagara Crypto, to speed the encryption and decryption of data.