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Yugabyte is the company behind YugabyteDB, the open source high-performance distributed SQL database for building global, internet-scale applications. Customers can choose from two DBaaS solutions: Yugabyte Platform, a management platform for building private YugabyteDB-as-a-Service offerings on any cloud or Kubernetes environment, and Yugabyte Cloud, a fully managed pay-as-you-go cloud database available on major public cloud platforms.  Yugabyte integrates with Vormetric Transparent Encryption (VTE) to secure sensitive data residing in YugabyteDB. VTE’s file system-level encryption, and associated policy-based access controls allow Yugabytes customers to store sensitive, regulated data on their platform in compliance with governmental and industry regulations, and allows those organizations to protect themselves from a wide range of risks from malicious hackers to database administrators with privileged data access. Yugabyte, Inc 771 Vaqueros Ave Sunnyvale, CA 94085  


Yugabyte's YugabyteDB with Ciphertrust Transparent Encryption

CipherTrust Transparent Encryption (CTE) secures YugabyteDB data-at-rest with filesystem-level encryption supported by centralized key management, privileged user access controls and detailed data access audit logging. CTE transparently encrypts YugabyteDB clusters without needing any configuration changes in the database.


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Yugabyte's YugabyteDB with Ciphertrust Transparent Encryption - Solution Brief