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Atlantic Zeiser

Atlantic Zeiser is a leading provider of sophisticated personalization, customization and track and trace solutions. The company is a competent, innovative and reliable partner that helps companies, government agencies and institutions face new challenges surrounding production management for personalization bureaus and card manufacturers. Atlantic Zeiser Ltd partners with SafeNet ProtectServer HSM, a PCI-compliant encryption card, that provides a secure, hardware-based solution to protect the card issuance and management process.   Atlantic Zeiser provides its Personalization Management Platform (PMP), a flexible and modular solution for managing the fulfillment of cards. All cards, be they bank cards, ID cards, or any card programmed with personal information, require strict security to protect the data they house. Atlantic Zeiser’s PMP integrates with SafeNet ProtectServer HSM to protect the management platform and the card issuance process.

Emmingen, Baden Württemberg Germany EMEA

+49 7465 291-0


Personalization Management Platform (PMP)

Personalization Management Platform (PMP)Card Issuance and ManagementfancyboxAtlantic Zeiser Personalization Management Platform: Card Issuance and Management with ProtectServerAtlantic Zeiser’s Personalization Management Platform manages cards programmed to deliver a wide range of applications. SafeNet ProtectServer HSM, a PCI-X-compliant expansion card, provides tamper-proof security within a hardware card form factor that helps secure the issuance and management of these cards.