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For 30 years, Attachmate has been helping organizations to extend, manage, and secure their essential business information. Because business information requires the strictest protection at all times, Attachmate integrates with SafeNet eToken for a powerful authentication solution that secures network access.Attachmate’s FileXpress managed file transfer software (FTP) allows users to send more and bigger files over longer distances to meet growing demands of partners and customers. Securing the data being transferred is essential. As such, Attachmate adds extra security to FileXpress with SafeNet eToken authentication to provide users with a secure network access solution.

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File Xpress

File XpressNetwork AccessembeddedAttachmate: Network Access and SafeNetSafeNet eToken integrates with Attachmate File Xpress to provide users with a secure network access solution. When accessing private networks for the purpose of transferring and retrieving data, companies much ensure the users gaining access are legitimate and authorized. eToken is a portable, two-factor authentication token that generates and stores credentials, such as private keys, passwords, and digital certificates to ensure secure, authorized-only network access.