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Centrify Privileged Access Services—Server, Network Device and Endpoint Passwords Where You Want Them The Centrify Privileged Access Service creates unique AES 256-bit encryption keys for each tenant to encrypt individual passwords and secrets before storage. Centrify never stores, replicates, or transmits passwords and secrets in the clear, regardless of whether the customer manages their own Centrify Privileged Access Service instance or subscribes to the Centrify Cloud Service.


Centrify Zero Trust Privilege Services and SafeNet KeySecure

Centrify Zero Trust Privilege Services have the option to securely store and centrally manage their passwords in SafeNet KeySecure™ appliances. Whether for compliance reasons or to incorporate password management into a holistic security approach, The Thales centralized security object management streamlines ongoing administration and provides robust security.

Managing Account Passwords Using a Key Management Appliance

While the Centrify Privileged Access Service stores and manages all user, resource, account, password, and secrets information in a highly secure vault that leverages government-grade encryption, some organizations have a need for hardware-based secrets storage. For these customers, Centrify can securely store these secrets in SafeNet KeySecure key management appliance. As with encryption keys, administrators can manage passwords and associated policies from a single point, streamlining ongoing administration and improving security through increased visibility.