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Organizations adopt Confluent Kafka to simplify the interconnectivity of their applications and the flow of data throughout their organization. When it centrally aggregates sensitive data it presents a tempting target for thieves. Any organization adopting Confluent Kafka should also think about how they keep their data secure.


Thales CipherTrust Transparent Encryption For Confluent Kafka

CipherTrust Transparent Encryption (CTE) secures data at-rest in Confluent Kafka with file system-level encryption wherever broker nodes reside, whether on-premises or across clouds. CTE uses the CipherTrust Manager for centralized key management, privileged user access controls and detailed data access audit logging. CTE secures data to address compliance obligations and data security best practice requirements in real time with minimal disruption and effort.

CTE deploys quickly, simply, and in a scalable manner. Agents install at the operating file-system or device layer on servers running Kafka broker nodes and operate transparently to applications streaming data to Kafka. Policies control access to directories that require security; data written to or read from those locations are automatically encrypted or decrypted.

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