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Cryptonext Security

Founded in 2019, after 20 years+ of post-quantum research, CryptoNext is regarded as a leading Post Quantum Cryptography vendor by some of the top IT Security consulting firms. CryptoNext offers quantum resistant software solutions based on its leading Quantum Safe Library (QSL), crypto-agile by design, including the current set of algorithm finalists within the NIST competition. These are configurable as either PQ or Hybrid, and come with field-tested integration toolkits and well-known application plug-ins for use cases encompassing secure web, conference, HSMs, VPNs, digital signature, digital certificates, IoT, Blockchain and more. Leveraging Thales’ Luna 7 HSMs as a Root of Trust for the NextGen security infrastructure, Cryptonext Security and Thales help customers to achieve long-term post-quantum solutions.