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DigiCert is the world's leading provider of digital trust, enabling individuals and businesses to engage online with the confidence that their footprint in the digital world is secure. DigiCert® ONE, the platform for digital trust, provides organizations with centralized visibility and control over a broad range of public and private trust needs, securing websites, enterprise access and communication, software, identity, content and devices. DigiCert pairs its award-winning software with its industry leadership in standards, support and operations, and is the digital trust provider of choice for leading companies around the world. For more information, visit or follow @digicert.
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TalkingTrust Video Series: Thales and DigiCert Discuss PKI

Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) is the proven framework for securing communications, transactions, network access, data and verifying ownership or authorship. However, traditional PKI deployment can be complicated and time-consuming. Also, if the digital keys are not properly secured, there are risks of a security breach. DigiCert, a leading provider in PKI solutions, has teamed up with Thales, an industry leader in data protection, to provide a “minutes, not months” deployable solution with automation for keeping keys safe and protecting your communications and assets. Join DigiCert and Thales to discover how a modern PKI platform and Thales Hardware Secure Module (HSM) establish roots of trust and drive security.


TalkingTrust DigiCert

Thales and DigiCert Discuss PKI

DigiCert PKI Platform 8 and Thales Luna HSMs

DigiCert PKI Platform is the industry-leading solution that allows you to secure and manage all of your PKI applications from one place — no matter what solutions you have in place.

Enterprise-Ready: Maintain the control you need over policy and day-to-day decision-making, but delegate back-end tasks to DigiCert. The DigiCert solution delivers on all PKI functionality including hardware, user key management, dual key support, availability, scalability, disaster recover, and customer practices support. Utilizing the available integration with Thales HSMs, both the on-premises Luna HSM and cloud-based Thales Luna Cloud HSM service, the DigiCert PKI Platform can offer FIPS 140-2 Level 3 root key protection.

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