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Entrust secures a rapidly changing world by enabling trusted identities, payments, and data protection around the globe. Today more than ever, people demand seamless, secure experiences, whether they’re crossing borders, making a purchase, or accessing corporate networks. With our unmatched breadth of digital security and credential issuance solutions, it’s no wonder the world’s most entrusted organizations trust us.

Through a 20+ year history of providing complimentary products, Entrust and Thales partner to ensure customers can trust these identities. For further information on how Thales provides Entrust users with the highest level of assurance in hardware to protect their digital identities & information, please visit the Entrust web site at:

5400 LBJ Freeway
United States
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Entrust Authority Security Manager: Certificate Services and Thales HSMs

Entrust Authority Security Manager serves as the Certification Authority in an Entrust infrastructure. When using it in “hardware” mode, you can use Thales Luna HSMs and Thales Luna Cloud HSM Service for cryptographic operations and key storage. Among the operations performed on hardware devices are: 

  • Secure generation of the CA signing private key
  • Secure storage of the CA root key
  • The signing of certificates and CRLs using the generated or imported key

Thales HSMs also integrates with many other Entrust products, including Security Manager Client (RA Software), Administrative Services, User Registration Services, and Enrollment Server for Web (ESW, formerly WebConnector).


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Entrust Entelligence Security Provider: Certificate Services and SafeNet Authentication Client

Entrust Entelligence Security ProviderCertificate ServicesembeddedEntrust Entelligence Security Provider: Certificate Services and SafeNet Authentication Client

Entrust Security Provider supports full PKI authentication based on a private key as it integrates with SafeNet Authentication Client from Gemalto to provide users with a certificate services solution. The private key can be generated and protected by SafeNet certificate-based strong authentication devices, which protects the integrity of the digital identity. A user need only present the certificate stored on the SafeNet device to authenticate successfully or to perform any other secured operation. An Entrust profile, similar to a digital certificate, contains essential user information held in encrypted form. As the private keys are stored on the SafeNet device, users’ digital identities are not vulnerable, and hostile entities cannot use a stolen digital identity to penetrate the corporate environment.

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