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Ericom Software is one of the leaders in Web Security, Cloud Enablement, and secure, centrally managed access to applications, desktops and data.Ericom Software, Inc. provides software for enterprise-wide application access for server-based computing environments (Citrix-alternative), running on Microsoft Windows Terminal Services, Blade PCs, and Virtual Desktops (VDI). Ericom integrates with SafeNet Authentication Service and SafeNet Authentication Manager to provide users with Virtual Desktop Interface Solutions. 231 Herbert Avenue Bldg#4 ClosterNew Jersey
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PowerTerm WebConnect

PowerTerm WebConnectVirtual Desktop InfrastructureembeddedPowerTerm WebConnect: VDI with SafeNet Authentication solution

Ericom‘s PowerTerm WebConnect is a connection broker that manages access for various types of hosting platforms, such as Remote Desktop Session Hosts (Terminal Services), Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) and Legacy Systems. PowerTerm WebConnect enables IT administrators to get the most out of their Terminal Servers and VDI environments with minimal effort, while reducing complexity in managing access to applications, desktops, and documents.

SafeNet Authentication Service (SAS) offers fully automated authentication delivered from the cloud to raise the assurance level that a user is who they claim to be, ensuring secure access to critical applications and data, with OTP-based strong authentication, whether using a hardware key fob, mobile device, or grid-based authenticator.

SafeNet Authentication Manager (SAM) is a comprehensive token management system. It is an out-of-the-box solution for Public Certificate Authorities (CA) and enterprises to ease the administration of SafeNet’s hardware or software tokens devices. 

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SAS Using RADIUS Protocol for Ericom PowerTerm WebConnect
SAM Using RADIUS Protocol for Ericom PowerTerm WebConnect