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Exostar was created to help companies meet their most demanding requirements for the access and exchange of application and information, both inside and out of corporate boundaries. Exostar provides cloud-based solutions that improve information sharing and collaborating in a secure community environment with colleagues, customers, partners and vendors, along with enabling supply chain management for companies worldwide. Their cloud-based, single sign-on identity and access management (IAM) platform allows users to connect once and then access all their applications and information. Exostar is committed to helping their customers use and protect their intellectual property. Part of this commitment includes integrating with SafeNet Authentication Client to provide an additional layer of security for this environment.To protect user access to and data residing within sensitive environments, Exostar’s Managed Access Gateway integrates and hosts identity and access management (IAM), data protection, and information collaboration solutions. Exostar secures this environment with SafeNet Authentication Client, which provides additional authentication, and digital certificate and key protection. 13241 Woodland Park Road Suite 400HerndonVirginia
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Managed Access Gateway

Managed Access GatewayCertificate ServicesembeddedExostar Managed Access Gateway: Certificate Services with SafeNet Authentication Client

Bringing additional security to Exostar’s platform, the SafeNet Authentication Client desktop software manages SafeNet's eToken and iKey certificate-based authenticators, which adds two-factor authentication to positively identify users accessing websites and networks, especially when access is coming from remote locations.

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