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With FIS™ Enterprise Payments, financial institutions can implement a centralized payments infrastructure that facilitates origination through instruction management to execution across the enterprise. Payment transactions are processed and managed irrespective of the originating channel and independent from the target clearing/settlement system or the back-office silo. Thales payShield and Luna Payment HSM products integrate with the Open Payment Framework (OPF) from FIS to provide users with secure crypto management solutions. OPF technology is a library of component building blocks from which payments solutions can be derived. It is built entirely on a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) delivering common, reusable services consisting of a comprehensive data model, choreographed payment business processes and configurable services. The HSMs provide users with higher-grade crypto management security and to safeguard payment processing.

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IST_Switch Connex

IST/Switch Connex allows financial institutions to process transactions from any source, including ATM, POS, Internet and mobile devices. Thales Luna Payment HSM is a tamper-proof, network-attached hardware security module (HSM) that integrates with FIS IST/Switch Connex to provide users with a retail payment system for processing credit, debit, e-purse and chip card transactions. Luna EFT offers secure PIN and card processing message authentication, comprehensive key management and cryptographic processing that protect EFT payment environments and help adhere to EMV standards.