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Ingenico Group provides merchants with a comprehensive and innovative range of services and solutions that eliminate payment complexity and make consumer purchasing quick, seamless, and secure, whatever the sales channel or payment method.

Ingenico facilitates merchants’ transition to multi-channel sales through a comprehensive range of smart terminals, payment services, and mobile solutions that cover in-store, online, and mobile channels on a global scale. The company’s innovative and reliable solutions enhance the consumer experience, letting merchants secure the sale as soon as the consumer makes their purchase decision.

Consumers benefit from the depth and breadth of a large in-store and online acceptance network, which combines global expertise with local solutions. Ingenico connects retailers to financial institutions, and deliver access to a wide portfolio of local, national, international, and alternative payment methods.

Security is at the heart of Ingenico corporate culture. As the company collects consumers’ payment details, trust and the protection of personal data are essential. To that end, the company’s e-payments platforms are PCI DSS first level certified. Ingenico ensure the security and compliance of e-commerce and cross-channel transactions, and protect all sensitive payment data such as cardholder and authentication credentials. Tokenization products reduces the scope of PCI DSS compliance and enables customers to safely manage consumers’ cards details. With a range of security functionalities, Ingenico protects payment transactions, allows management of sensitive credit card data, decrease risk from cyber-attacks, and helps preserve merchants’ reputation while protecting from heavy fines.

For enhanced security, Ingenico relies on Thales payShield hardware security modules (HSMs) to manage critical cryptographic operations, such as end-to-end encryption and pin translation.

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