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Integra Micro Systems (P) Ltd.

Integra as a FINTECH / Technology service provider for more than 40 years with high net worth, and an ISO 9001:2015, ISO 27001:2013 and CMMI DEV - Level 3 certified Company. Integra offers various solutions such as, FI Stack (End to End Solution), Merchant Aadhaar Payment Solution, Green Channel Solution, Aadhaar Stack, Aadhaar Data Vault to various banks across India and large Public Sector Unit (PSU) supporting to handle more 140 million records, eKYC Solution, Multifactor Authentication, Bharat Bill Payment Service, UPI Solutions, Registered Device Management Service, Cashless e-PDS Service, AI based BOT solution like ChatBOT, VoiceBOT, LoanBOT, DocuBOT, Video Analytics and RPA Solutions, etc.
Integra Micro Systems (P) Ltd 4 Bellary Road, 12th Km, Jakkur, Bangalore- 560064
Tel: 9880297819
Fax: 080-28565800
Contact name (if applies):Manjunatha HS