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International Game Technoloy (IGT)

Since 1981, International Game Technology (IGT) has been a leading company specializing in the design, development, manufacturing, distribution, and sales of computerized gaming equipment, software, and network systems worldwide. IGT has also revolutionized the casino gaming world by introducing IGT Cloud. This industry-first solution enables operators to optimize floor efficiencies while dynamically deploying game content across multiple properties, while also providing a seamless gaming experience across land-based, mobile and online devices. International Game Technology’s G23, CenterStage, and other IGT solutions integrate with Thales iKey Authentication and ProtectServer Hardware Security Module (HSM) to provide solid security for ICT’s eGambling and eGaming solutions.

IGT’s G23 and CenterStage solutions deliver cross-platform gaming systems and equipment that streamline operations and provide operators with innovative business solutions that entertain players on the casino floor and beyond. IGT integrates its eGaming and eGambling solutions with Thales iKey authentication and ProtectServer HSMs to secure eGambling and eGaming solutions.

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