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ISARA Corporation, the world’s leading provider of agile quantum-safe security solutions, leverages decades of real-world cybersecurity expertise to protect today’s computing ecosystems in the quantum age. With our partners, we’re clearing the path to quantum-safe security for enterprises and governments by delivering practical, standardized solutions for a seamless migration.
Waterloo, ON


TalkingTrust Video Series: Thales and Isara Discuss Quantum Safe Crypto

The Quantum era is quickly approaching, threatening to impact security, as we know it. But how will it really impact you and how can you prepare? In this TalkingTrust video you will learn about:

  • The quantum landscape and where we’re at
  • The quantum threat to use cases and industries and how it impacts internet security
  • How crypto agility enables you to quickly react to cryptographic threats
  • How to ensure your IoT devices can remain in use and secure from spoofed software updates
  • Why it’s important to start preparing today with solutions that are readily available
  • How Luna HSMs provide the foundation of trust for Isara's Quantum Safe Security solutions with its keys in hardware approach


TalkingTrust Isara

Thales and Isara Discuss Quantum Safe Crypto