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Based in Helsinki Capital region of Finland, Methics has supplied several national identity management systems for mobile devices, SIM cards, eSIM devices as well as smartphone apps. Methics has delivered solutions in European and Asian markets to Governments, MNOs and QTSP/TSP/CAs. Methics solution supports digital identity over a wide variety of authentication mechanisms and security assertions. We are currently delivering several national identification solutions with eIDAS compatibility, involving both citizen authentication & PDF document signature. Feel free to take a look at our company website to know about our offerings.


Methics Kiuru SAM Integration with Thales Luna HSM

Kiuru SAM is a Trustworthy System Supporting Server Signing (TW4S) that offers remote digital signature capability for a Mobile Signature Service Platform. It ensures that the signing keys of a signer user are only used under the sole control of the signer for the intended purpose. Kiuru SAM provides a remote service to the signer from which he can obtain digital signatures.

Resources and Additional Information

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