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MinIO is an open-source, software-defined, distributed object storage system that runs on industry standard hardware. Designed from the beginning to be the standard in private cloud object storage, MinIO is a cloud-native solution that is simultaneously performant, scalable and lightweight. In addition to addressing traditional use cases like secondary storage, disaster recovery and archiving, MinIO overcomes private cloud challenges associated with machine learning, analytics and cloud-native application workloads. MinIO offers organizations data confidentiality, integrity and authenticity by supporting multiple sophisticated server-side encryption schemes with negligible performance overhead. Thales’ CipherTrust Key Management platform integrates with MinIO for external key management. The MinIO server encrypts each object using a unique object key which is protected by a master key. The CipherTrust Key Manager stores and manages this master key to provide organizations control over the entire key lifecycle.


CipherTrust Manager for MinIO Encryption

Simple Storage Service (S3) is used by companies all over the world to power their IT operations to store everything from server logs to customer data. In general, data breaches have been steadily increasing year-over-year with breaches becoming more severe in the process. Misconfigured S3 buckets have been behind a significant number of data breaches. Organizations risk exposing themselves to fraud and data breaches when they implement insufficient security controls.

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CipherTrust Manager for MinIO Encryption - Solution Brief