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nexus Technology


neXus is a leading international provider of IT security solutions and services. neXus’ key expertise is in Identity and Access Management (IAM) solutions for ensuring that the right people can access the right information at the right time, wherever they are in the world. neXus Certificate Manager is an authenticating tool for PKI deployments. To be trustworthy, identities need to be securely managed. As part of neXus commitment to protecting their customers’ data, neXus Certificate Manager integrates with both Thales Luna Network and Luna PCI Hardware Security Modules (HSMs) to increase security and protection of neXus certificate services. Voice Biometrics provides a new user experience that offers a level up in security, enhanced even further by its integration with Luna HSM. As a FIPS 140-2 validated, tamper-proof hardware appliance, Luna HSM enhances IAM security by protecting the entire lifecycle of digital keys and providing cryptographic security for digital signatures and data encryption.


Certificate Manager

neXus’ Certificate Manager is a leading tool for PKI deployment, supporting both soft and physical tokens that meet the standards for PKIsecurity for user authentication and electronic signatures. This provides business-level flexibility while also enforcing security. To further this objective, neXus incorporates the strong security of SafeNet Luna SA and Luna PCI HSMs.

Luna SA HSM, as a tamper-proof appliance, provides cryptographic security for paper-to-digital initiatives, digital signatures, hardware key storage, certificate signing, code or document signing, bulk key generation, data encryption, and more. SafeNet Luna PCI HSM, also tamper-proof hardware, protects cryptographic keys and accelerates sensitive cryptographic operations across a wide range of security applications, making it an ideal complement to the many services neXus provides to its customers.