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OpenText Corporation develops enterprise information management (EIM) software that lets large companies, government agencies, and professional service firms manage content or unstructured data. OpenText designs its applications to manage: large quantities of content, regulatory compliance, and mobile and online experience management.


OpenText InfoArchive is an integrated product suite that ingests and stores structured and unstructured data in a centralized, secure and scalable archive. Centralizing data from multiple applications into a single archive eliminates data silos, streamlines access control and reduces the burden of managing compliance. By representing archived data as xml objects, InfoArchive makes data queries and reporting easier and faster across multiple datasets concurrently - even at scale with tens of billions of objects.  

Because organizations need to archive sensitive – often regulated – data, OpenText offers native data encryption capabilities to render data unreadable to unauthorized users and keep it firmly in the organization’s control. To meet best practice, InfoArchive integrates with Thales KeySecure for centralized encryption key management.  

Thales KeySecure is a FIPS 140-2 (level 1 or 3) validated encryption and key management platform (available as a hardware or as a virtual appliance) that provides secure, centralized encryption key and policy management for distributed environments. With Thales KeySecure, administrators can manage the lifecycle of InfoArchive’s encryption keys and it associated policies from a single point along with encryption keys from a wide range of vendors also present in the organization – from databases to applications to data storage residing in the cloud. Its comprehensive logging and reporting functions provide the information administrators need to readily demonstrate their regulatory compliance.

With Thales and OpenText, organizations have a solution to the challenge of securely archiving data from legacy applications. Together, Thales and OpenText help organizations reduce IT complexity and costs, optimize infrastructure and ensure the compliance of their valuable, regulated data.


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