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Panasas delivers high-performance computing (HPC) data storage solutions that support industry and research innovation around the world. Whether it’s building the next Dreamliner, winning a Formula One race, creating mind-bending visual effects, curing disease, or modeling climate change, the world’s leading companies trust Panasas to support their most innovative HPC projects.

Key Management for High-Performance Computing Encryption

Panasas® PanFS® on ActiveStor®

Panasas’ PanFS scale-out parallel file system is designed to facilitate high-performance computing for data-intensive applications. Its intensive bandwidth and scalability accelerates throughput so applications can take advantage of the significant quantities of data that are driving the modern world. Panasas. All of this is available with such simplified administration that one IT administrator can seamlessly manage petabytes of storage. To keep this data safe from physical theft, Panasas offers self-encrypting drive technology that integrates with Thales’ CipherTrust Manager for secure external key storage.

Thales CipherTrust Manager secures encryption keys externally from encrypted data for robust, best practice encryption key security. Its rich administration features makes it easier for organizations to keep their data safe across the encryption key lifecycle while also satisfying compliance requirements. Without CipherTrust Manager providing access to ActiveStor drives on start-up, drives will remain locked and data secured by encryption. Centralizing key storage and management improves security by making surveillance, rotation, and deletion easier. Policy and role based access control features allow organizations to separate duties so that no single administrator is responsible for both data and the keys securing that data. Additionally, unifying and centralizing policy management, logging, and auditing makes information more readily accessible when demonstrating regulatory compliance.


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