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Paylogic S.A.

PayLogic is a global provider of Payment Solutions. Its customers include : Central Banks, Regional Banks, Standalone banks, Micro Finance companies, Fintechs, …). The flagship product, PayWay, is SSF certified, modular and includes all features required in a payment solution. It is a front to end modular solution that includes switching, card management, fraud management, VIsa/MasterCard/UPI/... integration,... PayLogic was set up in 2010 and boosts an exceptional growth trend making it one of the most successful companies in its field. So far, the company has references in 33 countries spread over Africa and Asia. In terms of financials, PayLogic posted close to ten millions US$ revenues in 2022 with a sound bottom line and healthy balance sheet.
CFC Bridge Lot.53 RDC Bloc A Quartier Casa Anfa Hay Hassani Casablanca, Morocco
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