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Quantum Xchange gives commercial enterprises and government agencies the ultimate solution for secure communications and a dynamic, crypto-agile network to meet evolving business requirements. It is the only company in the world to make Quantum Key Distribution (QKD) commercially viable by solving the distance limitations inherent with all other QKD offerings. With Phio, the first quantum-ready network in the U.S. and only to support QKD across any distance, and featuring Phio TX, a revolutionary technology that enables organizations to select the level of protection needed based on their risk tolerance, Quantum Xchange is raising the bar for secure communications. With a dynamic security infrastructure in place, organizations can enhance their existing encryption environment while seamlessly scaling to address quantum readiness with QKD at any time, across any distance, between multiple transmission points.

Quantum Xchange offers the Phio suite of products to enable quantum-safe key exchange between Thales high-speed encryptors, or any solution where encryption keys must be transmitted. 

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Quantum Xchange Phio Trusted Xchange (Phio TX) and Thales HSEs

Phio TX from Quantum Xchange makes Thales Network Encryptors immediately quantum-resistant, bringing to market the first quantum-safe HSE to offer quantum safe key distribution across any distance, over any media.

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