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RedHat is a leading provider of open source software solutions, offering support, training, and consulting services to the enterprise communities who use them. By collaborating with IT leaders, advocates, developers, and partners, RedHat offers a community-powered development approach to reliable and high-performing cloud, Linux, middleware, storage, and virtualization technologies. 


TalkingTrust Video Series: Thales and Red Hat Discuss Securing Containers and DevOps

Containers and DevOps are being embraced as critical elements of enterprise digital transformation strategies, as this new paradigm provides development teams with an efficient way to build and deploy applications across hybrid cloud environments at scale. Red Hat and Thales have partnered to enable the benefits of DevSecOps to ensure code runs securely and data can be protected effectively. Thales and Red Hat discuss in this video how to enable a secure and scalable DevOps platform to deploy new services efficiently.


TalkingTrust Red Hat

Thales and Red Hat Discuss Securing Containers and DevOps

Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform with Thales CipherTrust Transparent Encryption and Thales Luna HSM

As part of the Red Hat Technology Partner program, Thales offers a robust and fully integrated data encryption that secures organizations highly sensitive data that is generated on or traverses the Red Hat platform.

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Red Hat OpenShift

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Docker Container

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Red Hat’s JBoss Web Services allow customers to better use applications and devices to automate business processes. To secure these environments, Thales Luna HSM integrates with the JBoss, providing significant server performance improvements by offloading cryptographic operations from the JBoss server to the Luna appliance. This also protects the server’s high-value SSL private key and certificate by storing the encryption keys for Red Hat JBoss Middleware in Luna’s tamper-proof, FIPS 140-2 certified hardware appliance. This combined solution ensures strong cryptographic security for data and application development, deployment, and performance for automated business processes across physical, virtual, mobile, and cloud environments.

Red Hat JBOSS Application Server Integration Guide

Red Hat Certificate System v7.3

Red Hat Certificate System (RHCS) is an enterprise software system designed to manage enterprise Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) deployments, as well as user identities and communication privacy. To enhance the security of this sensitive data, Thales ProtectServer HSM integrates with Red Hat to provide encryption and hardware key storage for Red Hat’s Certificate System. Thales ProtectServer brings extra security to PKI environments with secure crypto management functions that safeguard user identity and provide authentication. This higher level of user authentication and key protection ensures safe access and protection for smart card data and transactions.

Resources and Additional Information

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Red Hat Enterprise Linux workstation

Red Hat® Enterprise Linux® workstation is a robust, secure, and cost-effective desktop environment built on Red Hat Enterprise Linux. SafeNet Authentication Client (SAC) is a public key infrastructure (PKI) middleware that provides a secure method for exchanging information based on public key cryptography, enabling trusted third-party verification of user identities. 

Using SafeNet Authentication Client CBA for Red Hat Enterprise Linux Workstation