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Founded in 2002, Riverbed is the leader in Application Performance Infrastructure. The company enables organizations to embrace location-independent computing to better leverage global resources, radically reduce the cost of running their business, and maximize employee productivity. Riverbed has manufactured its SteelHead WAN Optimization appliances since 2004, and they are known today as a top WAN solution for accelerating delivery of SaaS and cloud-based applications.  680 Folsom St. San Francisco California United States North Americas 94107 415 247 8800


Steelhead P2P Encryption with SafeNet Encryption

Riverbed SteelHead WAN Optimization appliances accelerate delivery of SaaS and cloud-based applications. Now with Path Selection, SteelHead can prioritize mission-critical apps for delivery over high-speed networks while delivering lower-priority apps over the Internet. To bring additional security to these environments, Riverbed works together with both SafeNet CN and CS Series Encryptors to provide P2P encryption solutions. SafeNet CN Series Encryption provides a secure P2P high-speed encryption solution that combines multiple features, including certified best-in-class security, no data overhead, near-zero latency and high performance to meet the requirements of financial and Internet company networks. SafeNet CS Series Encryptors also offer scalable, efficient data encryption for high-speed data networks to close security vulnerabilities. Encrypting data is necessary to protect it from a data network breach, cyber-attack or innocent routing error. Only when encrypted can data be safe, rendering it useless if stolen by unauthorized parties. SafeNet high-speed data network encryptors are internationally certified by independent testing authorities to protect data in motion.

Steelhead SSL/TSL Certificates with Thales Luna HSMs

Starting with RiOS 9.2, you can use a Thales Luna Network Hardware Security Module (HSM) to store SSL and TLS cryptographic keys, instead of storing the certificates in the secure vault on the SteelHead. Because all certificates can be stored on the HSM, this deployment offers security and management benefits.

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