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RS2 Software is a global provider of card payment solutions, IT consultancy and related services to international and domestic banks, service providers, retailers and other financial organizations. For more than 20 years RS2 Software has focused on development and implementation card payment solutions under the trade name BankWORKS. RS2 clients have received full attention from the Group in this specialized field of data and transaction processing. Benefiting from continuous upgrades of the BankWORKS product portfolio in line with market changes and opportunities, mandates from card organizations, as well as using new technology, RS2 clients are well positioned to increase their market share and meet their business objectives. An established policy of continuous systems upgrades conforming to market changes, international card organization mandates, or regulatory authorities, as well as by incorporating technological advances in BankWORKS ensures that RS2 Software PLC clients are well positioned to take full advantage of market opportunities. RS2 integrates with the Thales payShield 10k to provide customer payment solutions.



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