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Safe-T Group Ltd. is a provider of Zero Trust Access solutions which mitigate attacks on enterprises’ business-critical services and sensitive data, while ensuring uninterrupted business continuity. Safe-T’s cloud and on-premises solutions ensure that an organization’s access use cases, whether into the organization or from the organization out to the internet, are secured according to the “validate first, access later” philosophy of zero trust. This means that no one is trusted by default from inside or outside the network, and verification is required from everyone trying to gain access to resources on the network or in the cloud. Safe-T’s wide range of access solutions reduce organizations’ attack surface and improve their ability to defend against modern cyberthreats. As an additional layer of security, our integrated business-grade global proxy solution cloud service enables smooth and efficient traffic flow, interruption-free service, unlimited concurrent connections, instant scaling and simple integration.
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Safe-T Software Defined Perimeter

ZoneZero SDP enables organizations to provide secure and transparent access to on-prem applications, services, and data. Patented reverse-access technology eliminates the need to open incoming ports in your organization’s firewall for seamless, effective, and secure operations.

SafeNet Trusted Access

SafeNet Trusted Access (STA) integrates with Safe-T ZoneZero to allow businesses to securely scale up to support a remote workforce and suppliers, and access applications and data in the cloud and on premises.

Scale securely in the cloud - Access Management enables you to expand with the confidence you are secure. Protect all cloud apps with centralized policies and a range of authentication methods.

Security at the access point - STA enforces access policies and the appropriate level of authentication to assess human users, applications, APIs and connected devices accessing Safe-T ZoneZero, protecting businesses from unauthorized access and reducing the risk of a data breach.

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