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SailPoint, the leader in identity management, delivers an innovative approach to securing access across the enterprise with the SailPoint Predictive IdentityTM platform. With SailPoint, enterprises can ensure that everyone and everything has the exact access they need, exactly when they need it, intuitively and automatically.


SailPoint Predictive Identity Platform

Predictive Identity combines IdentityNow with patented AI capabilities and cloud governance to enhance and accelerate identity-related decisions and tasks, like identifying risk and analyzing security issues. With patented AI and machine learning, there's no reason to call the helpdesk. Your workers automatically get the right access, when they need it and you can always be sure it's safe and complies with policy.

SafeNet Trusted Access

SafeNet Trusted Access integrates with the SailPoint platform to allow businesses to scale securely in the cloud, simplify compliance, and secure the access point.

Scale securely in the cloud - SafeNet Trusted Access enforces access policies and authentication for SailPoint entitlements and other lifecycle events.

Simplify compliance -SafeNet Trusted Access integrates directly with SailPoint to allow for automated discovery of access events. SailPoint compiles this information into its reporting to ensure compliance with corporate policies and regulations.

Security at the access point - SafeNet Trusted Access enforces access policies and the appropriate level of authentication to admins accessing the SailPoint consoles, protecting them from unauthorized access and reducing the risk of data breach

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