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Senetas manufactures certified high-speed network data encryption products that protect data in motion without compromising network performance. In use in more than 25 countries, Senetas’ high-speed data encryptors are the world’s only triple-certified products of their type - Common Criteria (Australia and international), FIPS (US) and CAPS (UK) certifications – certified as suitable for government and defense use. Senetas “defense-grade” encryptors protect much of the world’s most sensitive data ranging from data for US defense forces to financial information for Swiss banks. Senetas Security Melbourne VIC Australia APAC 3004 +61 (0) 3 9868 4555


Senetas with Thales High Speed Encryptors

Senetas and Thales partner to deliver the world’s best High Speed Encryption appliances. Thales and Senetas have an extended global distribution agreement in which thales distributes Senetas’ high speed network encryption solutions, including the leading CN6000 family, in its portfolio of products distributed around the globe. Senetas’ suite of high-performance, purpose-built Layer 2 network encryption products offer market-leading performance by a number of criteria, including near-zero impact on data speeds and bandwidth, and encryption of data moving at speeds of up to 10 Gbps with little or no impact on network performance. These certified solutions are used to protect data in motion for government and military organizations, as well as financial and other commercial enterprises. Proven reliability, high throughput, and low latency make network encryption security devices the ideal solution for protecting data in flight including time-sensitive voice and video streams.

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