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Sidechain Consulting LLC dba Sidechain Security

Sidechain Security is a data security consulting firm. We specialize in Thales CipherTrust Data Security Platform solutions that safeguard your company’s most critical asset: Your data.  Sidechain frees your business from the uncertainty and fear of disruption caused by the threat of cyberattacks, breaches of privacy, or the risk of lost customer trust. Our hands-on approach makes decades of data security expertise available to any sized business to develop, implement, and support cybersecurity solutions to give your company peace of mind.  From on-premises to the cloud, unleash your business and focus on what you do best. Our commitment to customer success is why leading companies like Google, Wells Fargo, IBM, Zoom, Visa, and Sony trust Sidechain.
Portland, Oregon United States
+1 (833) 744-1421