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With experience in the contact center space for 20 years, TantaComm is an authority in interaction recording and quality monitoring solutions. Their management team is led by experts with a combined 80 years of direct contact center industry experience. They understand the importance of flexibility in customer interaction recording solutions. They also place high importance on security of their content, including meeting compliance regulations for its Voice of the Customer (VOC) solutions, a new post-call survey tool. To fulfill these requirements, Tantacomm PCI Compliance for Voice Recordings partners with Thales KeySecure to provide users with a secure storage and archive solution for these recordings.

TantaComm is an industry-leading provider of interaction recording, security, regulatory compliance, and performance management solutions for contact centers around the world. To help meet the compliance requirements for voice recordings, Tantacomm partners with Thales KeySecure to provide a secure storage and archive solution for the recordings.

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PCI Compliance for Voice Recordings

PCI Compliance for Voice RecordingsStorage and ArchiveembeddedTantacomm PCI Compliance for Voice Recordings: Storage and Archive with Thales KeySecure

Tantacomm’s Evaluate VOC, as a hosted or on-premise integrated solution, enables clients to leverage form management and scoring capabilities with Tantacomm’s Integrated Voice Response (IVR) system. The IVR functionality includes text to speech translation and the option of either DTMF (dual-tone multi frequency) or speech recognition response options. To help achieve PCI compliance for its voice recordings, Tantacomm partners with Thales KeySecure which provides security for stored and archived data.  

Thales KeySecure is a KMIP-compatible Enterprise Key Management solution where keys can be stored and managed from a single, centralized platform. With KeySecure, available as physical or virtual appliance options, users can protect stored and archived data at rest with a centralized key management platform, which can also be used to manage multiple encryption appliances and the associated keys.