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VelociData solves IT’s problems of speed, scale, cost and complexity with their purpose-built Big Data operations appliances that are faster, more scalable and more cost-effective than conventional approaches. VelociData accomplishes this with its unique solution for transforming, sharing and protecting streaming data and enterprise data assets, backed by over 40 patents and a decade of experience in demanding financial systems environments. Their powerful appliance-based solutions deliver internal silicon-speed parallelism that, for data transformation and quality tasks, outperforms any software running on a general-purpose server. Velocidata’s vFusion products bring streaming compute appliance technology to the most demanding markets – finance, healthcare, and enterprise markets. 

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Velocidata vFusion

Velocidata vFusion's purpose-built, big data operations appliances deliver faster, more scalable, and more cost-effective appliance solutions. Their appliance-based solutions combine graphics processing units (GPUs), high-performance CPUs, and field-programmable gate arrays (FPGAs) and components at the system level. The result is a line of appliances that protects streaming and batch data without the need for database or applications programming, or the need to change existing systems or infrastructure.  Velocidata fuctions heavily in the financial industry where protecting personal data and information is critical.