Thales OneWelcome Identity Platform Identity and Access Core

Thales OneWelcome Identity Platform Identity & Access Core - Solution Brief

In today’s complex digital landscape, the success of your business depends on secure, compliant and flexible tools for managing identities of employees, customers, partners, gig workers and more. The Thales OneWelcome Identity Platform is an adaptable, modular solution offering your users a frictionless and trusted experience throughout their journey, no matter which channel they use to engage with your brand.

The Identity & Access Core is the service layer which provides all essential shared capabilities, so you can serve all your external end users with one single cloud-based platform. It powers all our identity applications with the shared identity and access functions they need to perform their unique business-specific functions. As the secure, stable core of the Thales OneWelcome Identity Platform, it provides foundational functions like the identity store, authentication engine, access component, event store and credential store.