Thales OneWelcome Identity Platform User Journey Orchestration

Thales OneWelcome Identity Platform User Journey Orchestration - Solution Brief

In today’s complex digital landscape, the success of your business depends on secure, compliant and flexible tools for managing the identities of employees, customers, partners, gig workers and more. The Thales OneWelcome Identity Platform is an adaptable, modular solution offering your users a frictionless and trusted experience throughout their journey, no matter which channel they use to engage with your brand.

Modern users expect a frictionless experience for critical tasks like account setup, login and password resets. Our User Journey Orchestration foundational layer enables you to create those seamless, personalized experiences for your users. With complete control of the entire user journey, you improve efficiency, reduce costs, boost satisfaction and grow your business. Our future-proof, customizable solution lets you stay agile and adapt quickly to new innovations, with multiple registration flows, tailored to your user group, for each of your company’s brands and channels.