Case Study

The flexibility to adapt to changing customer needs

The flexibility to adapt to changing customer needs

The flexibility to adapt to changing customer needs - Case Study

A pivotal moment 

“Univé was facing several simultaneous challenges,” explains Raymond Rumph, Senior Business Analyst at Univé. “The legacy IT and security were reaching their end of life. At the same time, we were managing two web portals for non-life and life insurance customers and a business web portal for non-life customers, plus an app for non-life and life insurance customers. Our Board challenged us to find a way to provide it all on a single platform.”

As a highly customer-centric organisation, Univé’s priority was to ensure a satisfying customer experience. “We wanted an app that we could develop along with customers”, Raymond says. “So, instead of releasing the app when it was ‘done’, we released it when it was good enough to share and then build upon based on customer feedback.”

4.3 ease of use

The app’s average rating is 
4.3 out of 5 stars.

140 K migrations

140,000 accounts were seamlessly migrated to the Thales OneWelcome Identity Platform.

1 login

One single login to connect Unive customers with multiple web portals.

The first single-sign on solution of its kind

Univé assembled a “dream team” of internal and external business partners, including Thales. In addition to providing more secure customer authentication, Thales developed the first, compliant single sign-on (SSO) solution for both life and non-life insurance in the Netherlands.

“Not only that, Thales helped us ensure the frictionless on-boarding of our current customers. They signed on with their existing username and password, and were automatically migrated to the new Identity Store. This makes the solution even simpler for them,” Raymond explains.

“We needed a mobile solution that we could tailor to our needs,” Raymond continues. “Thales provided a mobile-first, out-of-the-box solution that was lean and flexible, and helped us define the specific attributes we needed. What I liked best was that the Thales OneWelcome Identity Platform works like an agile start-up: There are no layers between their experts and the project teams. They think along with us and are flexible on the fly. At the same time, they deliver the same high quality as an enterprise company.”


A smooth transition with Thales

To ensure that customers could easily access the new system, Thales helped Univé with a swift shut-down of the legacy system. We implemented a strategic architectural design that allowed the legacy identity store to be incorporated into the new platform. This enabled Univé to seamlessly migrate over 138,000 accounts.

Raymond explains that it’s Thales’ agility—and collaborative skills—that make them an ideal partner for secure authentication. “Thales has given us a strong foundation upon which to continuously grow and develop the app with our customers. Of course, that requires a lot of flexibility. Thales is ready to move along with us, just as we need them to be.”


The company decided to merge what had previously been multiple systems for different types of customers. They brought OneWelcome on board to ensure a smooth migration.”
Raymond Rumph Senior Business Analyst Univé
Raymond Rumph

A flexible, customer-focused solution

Since the new app and web platform launched, Univé has introduced a number of new features. Customers especially like that they can now photograph their medical bills and send them directly to Univé from their mobiles. They also have insight into their remaining co-pays and the status of their non-life insurance claims.

Even better, the new Univé app helps them locate a doctor if they are in need of a second opinion, or find a repair shop in their neighbourhood. “While there’s still some work to do to fully optimise the Univé platforms, we’ve established a very strong baseline for further development”, Raymond says. He is also confident that he has found a solid partner in Thales, with solutions that are flexible enough to adapt to Univé’s customers ever-changing needs: “Thales thinks along with us to develop the right solutions.”

About Unive

Univé is a Dutch mutual insurance company whose aim is to help people prevent risk, limit damage and only insure when it is really necessary. With more than one-and-a-half million life and non-life insurance customers, Univé offers the assurance of helping each other in a constantly changing world.

When it came time to replace the company’s legacy IT and security systems, Univé needed a new system that would offer convenient yet secure access for its customers. The company decided to also use that moment as an opportunity to merge what had previously been multiple systems for different types of customers. They brought Thales on board to ensure a smooth migration


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