Índice de Gestión de Acceso de Thales 2020 - Edición Europa y Oriente Medio

2020 European Access Management Index - Infographic

A survey of European's 400 executives in 7 countries shows that most of them believe that a combination of strong authentication and access management solution is the key for a secure cloud adoption. Learn more in this 2020 AMI report.

Key Points/Stats from this Infographic:

  • 57% believe unprotected infrastructure present the biggest targets for cyber- attacks, ahead of cloud apps and web portals
  • 67% organizations say their security teams feel under pressure to provide convenient access to users
  • 96% believe strong authentication and access management solutions can facilitate secure cloud adoption
  • 76% revealed employee authentication needs to be able to support secure access to a broad range of services
  • 81% are expanding smart SSO in the next year