The CipherTrust Cloud Key Manager for Multi-cloud Environments

The CipherTrust Cloud Key Manager for Multi-cloud Environments - Report

IT trends such as cloud adoption fundamentally change how corporate data is stored, accessed, and secured, challenging perimeter-centric security models. Meanwhile the threat landscape continues to evolve with bad actors employing new attack vectors and methods exercising new data exfiltration techniques. But one constant remains: Security should be applied as close to the data as possible, an especially challenging consideration for data stored by cloud services in which the customer lacks visibility and control. 

Doug Cahill, Enterprise Strategy Group VP and Group Director, Cybersecurity, examines a growing trend in cloud security: Cloud Bring Your Own Key, or BYOK, and its associated challenges. He wraps up with his take on the CipherTrust Cloud Key Manager from Thales.

Discover how to handle multi-cloud environment challenges examined in this cloud key management report.

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