Database and Big Data Security - Report

Database and Big Data Security - KuppingerCole Report

Discover the contents of this report as KuppingerCole rates all the market leaders in database and big data security solutions.  With the average cost of a data breach reaching $4 million, companies face financial and reputational damages as well. High-profile “mega-breaches” that expose millions of sensitive data records can easily drive these costs up to hundreds of millions of dollars, but even the victims of smaller ones are now facing increasingly harsh compliance fines.  Read the KuppingerCole Report to learn who the market leaders are in their fields.

Learn more about the some of the security risks that are potentially exposed such as:

  • Unpatched security vulnerabilities or configuration problems in the database software, which may lead to data loss or availability issues.
  • Insufficient monitoring and auditing – not only these pose a significant noncompliance risk, but a lack of a tamper-proof audit trail also makes forensic investigations and incident response much more complicated.
  • Data corruption or loss through human errors, programming mistakes, or sabotage