A Powerful Partnership:  Microsoft Azure and  Thales Luna HSM

A Powerful Partnership: Microsoft Azure and Thales Luna HSMs - Brochure

Cloud capabilities continue to alter businesses across the globe creating changes that directly influence the security community. Underlying trends that have always had an impact, such as new technologies, stricter compliance mandates, and more severe security incidents, continue to cause significant change. The shift to remote work is extending indefinitely in many organizations globally, with many choosing hybrid work environments. This digital transformation affects both small and large organizations who continue to adapt their operational processes to create efficiencies and maximize revenue. The rapid pace and complexity of the changes means many organizations are potentially not adequately or compliantly securing their data; certain types of data require certifications that secures the data through an HSM, traditionally a physical device whose on premise use could seem counterintuitive to the cloud. However, with the right next generation HSM, you can secure your data as it evolves, on-premises, in the cloud, and across hybrid environments.