Fintech, Compliance & Data Protection – Steps to Secure the Breach

Fintech, Compliance & Data Protection – Steps to Secure the Breach-Webinar

Fintech startup companies are disrupting the financial services industry, raising more than $120 billion over the last three years. Although these new entrants are changing how money and markets operate, they must still do business within the realities of regulations like GDPR and Australia's Notifiable Data Breaches scheme that the rest of the financial industry must operate. This means that data security and trust are just as important to Fintech companies as it is to traditional banks.

Fintech companies are unique because of their agility, lean operations and that most are built using the cloud and digital technologies that banks are just now adopting. While this makes Fintech companies more nimble and they can enter new markets faster, it also presents more complexities for how Fintech companies need to manage security and meet compliance mandates.

In this webinar you will learn about:

•Fintech compliance and regulation from a data protection perspective.
•How to build a secure the breach strategy using a case study from the physical world
•Understand key elements for building cloud-based data security strategy that fits the needs of Fintech companies

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