Case Study

Learn how IIFL Group established market leadership by adopting security regulations early

IIFL Group Differentiates Itself with Early Adoption of Mandatory Security Regulations - Case Study


IIFL Group Differentiates Itself with Early Adoption of Mandatory Security Regulations

How Thales helped a leading financial conglomerate become one of the first Regulated Entities to initiate compliance with a new government security regulation — reinforcing the conglomerate’s position as a market leader.

CipherTrust Data Security Platform was selected for the platform, featuring CipherTrust Manager as the external key management system (KMS). Initially, the customer implemented one of the platform’s integrated solutions with a plan to add more integrated solutions in the near future.

Using the CipherTrust Data Security Platform enables quick integration with multiple proven use cases including CipherTrust Cloud Key Management, Transparent Encryption and Secrets Management. 

Using the CipherTrust KMS simplifies data security administration and accelerates time to compliance.

The Challenge

IIFL Group is a conglomerate with a portfolio of companies. IIFL Securities caters to high-end investors as one of the largest independent full-service retail and institutional brokerage houses in India. 5Paisa Capital caters to retail investors as a discount stockbrokerage with a self-service stock trading application.


The Solution

An external key manager with a platform approach, a cloud key manager and a hardware security module (HSM). To help with SEBI compliance and to future-proof their infrastructure for both IIFL Securities and 5Paisa Capital, IIFL Group chose Thales CipherTrust Data Security Platform (CDSP), CipherTrust Cloud Key Management (CCKM), and Luna Network HSMs.

We are proud to be an early adopter of the SEBI Framework for the adoption of cloud services by REs. It enables us to bring more security and confidence to our customers.”
Shanker Ramrakhiani CISO of IIFL Group
Shanker Ramrakhiani
Shanker Ramrakhiani

The Benefits

The combination of CDSP, CCKM and Luna HSM: 

  • Helps IIFL Group to be SEBI-compliant 
  • Gives IIFL Group full control of its encryption keys 
  • Improves ease-of-use, reduces complexity 
  • Supports multi-cloud 
  • Enables quick integration with multiple proven use cases including Transparent Encryption and Secrets Management 
  • Gives access to an unparalleled partner ecosystem 
  • Helps IIFL Group to reclaim time and control that had been yielded to the CSP


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