Introducing Luna 7 HSM by Thales - Video

Introducing Luna 7 HSM by Thales - Video

In today’s digital world change is constant. Whether this is in the technologies we use, the threats we face, or the environments where we work and store data.

A strong foundation of digital trust is critical for organizations to mitigate risks caused by: 

  • The increasing amount of data and identities 
  • Accelerating digital transformation 
  • Fast adoption of new technologies introducing unexpected vulnerabilities. 
  • And growing industry regulations and compliance mandates 

For more than 25 years, governments and the most trusted brands in the world have relied on our innovative high-assurance Luna Hardware Security Modules to protect identities, devices, and applications.

Where confidentiality, integrity, and availability are paramount.

Luna HSM 7 can help your organization follow best security practices by creating, managing and protecting encryption keys in a hardware root of trust. 

Luna 7 is certified and validated against the most stringent requirements: 

  • Ensuring users, devices, data, software code, and documents can be trusted. 
  • Exceed the availability and performance demands of high volume and mission-critical applications. 
  • Consume Luna HSM services on-premises, as a service, or hybrid to optimize root of trust deployments for your requirements. 
  • Easily secure applications and services with hundreds of out-of-the-box integrations and a wide variety of APIs.

Secure your digital transformation with Luna HSM 7, the foundation of digital trust for both traditional and emerging technologies from PKI, code signing and SSL-TLS to blockchain, DevOps and IoT