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Network Encryption Keeps Our Data in Motion Secure for Business Services

July 25, 2023

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The demand for high-speed networks and fast data transfers is increasing due to cloud adoption, digital transformation, and hybrid work. As global data is predicted to grow by more than 100% from 2022 to 2026, making it a top target for cybercriminals, businesses must prioritize cybersecurity solutions that offer protection without affecting network performance or management.

Thales offers network encryption solutions for various sectors like finance, government, and critical infrastructure. These solutions encrypt data as it moves across networks for maximum security and performance. Thales encryptors are certified to global standards and designed to support classical and quantum-resistant cryptographic algorithms.

Why do you need network encryption in business services?

Data-in-motion encryption is vital to all businesses but let’s explore some verticals in the private sector, each with its own requirements and needs for protecting data in motion.

Financial Services

Financial organizations operate in a highly regulated environment and undergo frequent audits to prove compliance. As part of their operations, banks and financial institutions require remote, latency-sensitive connectivity for trading and real-time transactions and big data analytics. Financial businesses must provide secure and encrypted connectivity, including international communications, to satisfy these operational and compliance requirements, prevent data breaches and protect their customers’ trust.

High Tech Vendors

High tech companies require high-bandwidth encryption solutions for large data volumes to meet the security requirements of their customers and protect the business’s intellectual property (IP) and their customers’ personal data. Often multinational businesses with branches located in various regions and jurisdictions, high tech companies must comply with several national regulations and ensure that data in motion meets requirements for international data transfers.

Manufacturing Industries

Manufacturers need to secure not only their own IP but also the IP of their customers, sensitive industrial data, and blueprints as it moves between dispersed locations across extensive supply chains. Implementing data-in-motion encryption solutions ensures business continuity in the event of a cyber incident.

Manufacturing businesses must secure information sharing and partner collaboration to achieve operational efficiencies and maximum uptime. Thales network encryptors are plug & play, ‘deploy and forget’ solutions that do not need any post-deployment maintenance.

How HSEs are used in business services?

Let us now examine a few use cases to realize how businesses worldwide leverage the features of Thales HSEs.

International Bank

The encryption solution used by a global financial institution with 30 branches on three continents could not scale and handle the volume of data required for access to real-time customer data. The organization selected the Thales CN6000 Series Network Encryptors to secure the institution’s wide-area network. The high-performance encryptors provide the high throughput encryption needed to ensure customer confidentiality, maintain regulatory compliance, and gain access to real-time financial data.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Software Company

The cloud-based CRM vendor has high data volumes and requires high bandwidth services to support global, point-to-point environments. The company was facing bandwidth performance issues and was considering upgrading its security posture since it had customers in the government sector with higher security standards and compliance requirements. By upgrading their current 10 Gbps systems to the Thales CN9120, 100 Gbps high speed encryptors, the software company solved its bandwidth issues, while meeting its customers' security standards and compliance needs. In addition, they could save enough money on network services and equipment upgrades.

Global Original Design Manufacturer (ODM)

A leading global ODM with operations spread across Asia, North America, and Europe needed a solution to protect sensitive data without additional network and operational overhead. The manufacturer wanted to meet security compliance requirements through a plug-and-play solution without any maintenance overhead. Thales HSEs CN6000 Series network encryptors were deployed at the company’s wide-area network without any significant changes in the overall topology while achieving near-zero latency. The ODM secured its data in motion to meet security standards like FIPS 140 2 level 3, Common Criteria and ensured maximum network bandwidth.

Benefits of Thales HSE

The Thales High Speed Encryptors (HSE) benefit organizations in many ways, including:

Trusted security

Worldwide public services organizations prefer Thales network encryptors because they are certified in accordance with FIPS 140-2 L3, Common Criteria, NATO, and DoDIN APL.

Maximum network performance

Thales HSEs have been proven to deliver maximum uptime in the most demanding, performance-intensive environments. The solutions have near-zero latency and can operate in full-duplex mode at full-line speed.

Optimal flexibility

Thales HSEs offer flexible, vendor-agnostic interoperability and are compatible with all the leading network vendors. The product supports network speeds of 100 Mbps to 100 Gbps and single to multi-port appliances and virtual solutions.

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