Thales Key Management – Simplify Data Security - White Paper

Simplify Data Security with Enterprise Key Management - White Paper

Today, every IT organization is striving to protect valuable digital assets from accidental exposure or intentional misuse. To meet various digital privacy regulations and compliance mandates, many organizations have deployed a variety of point encryption solutions as a primary method of protecting sensitive data. Unfortunately, the majority of disparate encryption solutions have fallen short in addressing enterprise key management challenges and the result is a weakened security posture, increases in failed audits and more security breaches. 

This white paper looks at the evolution of encryption and key management systems, and examines the major challenges faced by IT teams for encryption systems, including regulation and compliance, complexity, and management tools. The review of major challenges is followed by a review of recent industry initiatives and compliance regulations that are shaping the future of key management. 

The paper concludes with an introduction to CipherTrust Manager, the next-gen enterprise key management offering from Thales. CipherTrust Manager provides a powerful integrated solution that enables organizations to centrally manage encryption keys and policies for CipherTrust Connectors and third-party KMIP-compliant products.