Thales Cloud Security - Video

Thales Cloud Security - Video

The video titled "Thales Cloud Security" emphasizes the importance of organizations taking responsibility for the security of their data when using cloud services. It starts by highlighting that while cloud vendors may offer some level of security, the ultimate responsibility for protecting and controlling access to data lies with the organization itself. To achieve trusted and compliant cloud environments, organizations are encouraged to bring their own security measures to the cloud, allowing them to have greater control over their data.

The video introduces Thales as a solution provider that can help organizations simplify their cloud security efforts. Thales offers a range of platforms and tools designed to address data security challenges in multi-cloud environments. These platforms include:

CipherTrust Data Security Platform: This platform offers unified data discovery, encryption, and key management for the cloud. It allows organizations to discover sensitive data, encrypt it, and manage encryption keys effectively to protect their data.

SafeNet Trusted Access: Thales provides a solution for secure access to all cloud services. This ensures that authorized users can access cloud resources securely while maintaining control over access permissions.

Luna Hardware Security Modules: Thales offers hardware security modules (HSMs) that establish a root of trust to protect applications, data, and identities in the cloud. HSMs are crucial for ensuring the integrity and security of cryptographic operations.

The video stresses the importance of a centralized approach to data security, highlighting that different cloud providers have varying security mechanisms and practices. By centralizing data protection and access management, organizations can improve operational efficiency, agility, and overall control over their data.

Furthermore, the video addresses the risks associated with data breaches in and from the cloud. It emphasizes that these risks are real and need to be mitigated effectively. Thales positions itself as a partner that can assist organizations in simplifying their cloud security efforts, ensuring that they can discover, protect, and control access to their data across all cloud environments.

In summary, the video serves as a promotional piece for Thales Cloud Security solutions. It underscores the need for organizations to take an active role in securing their data in multi-cloud environments and introduces Thales as a trusted provider of tools and platforms to help them achieve this goal. Thales' offerings, such as the CipherTrust Data Security Platform, SafeNet Trusted Access, and Luna Hardware Security Modules, are presented as key solutions to address data security challenges in the cloud. Ultimately, the video emphasizes the importance of centralizing data security efforts to enhance control and efficiency while reducing the risk of data breaches in the cloud.