effective software monetization strategy

Effective Embedded Software Licensing Models for High Tech Manufacturers - White Paper

4 Steps to an Effective Embedded Software Monetization Strategy

The introduction of software into the hardware manufacturer’s business presents many challenges and is forcing operational changes for which some device manufacturers are not prepared. However, some embedded device manufacturers have seized the opportunity and with forethought and careful planning using the four considerations outlined in this paper, have developed effective embedded software monetization strategies – enabling them to expand and profit through the use of software licensing and entitlement management technology.

One of the main points of an embedded software monetization strategy is to protect and control.  A leading ISV needed a means to extend its enterprise applications to the Android platform.  Dealing with memory constraints is common in mobile devices, and choosing a license management tool the company was able to maximize revenue, reduce operating costs and improve customer experience.

Download the report to learn:

  • What are the 4 steps to a comprehensive embedded software monetization strategy?
  • How does our company protect against Intellectual property theft?
  • How the company can improve customer experience and control costs?

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