Top 7 Reasons to Move Hardware-Key Licensing to the Cloud

Top 7 Reasons to Move Hardware-Key Licensing to the Cloud (And at Your Own Pace)

by Alexander Diepold
Director Product Management, Software Monetization

Are you concerned that relying on hardware keys for your licenses might not be sustainable in the future? You’re not alone. In fact, many companies have already migrated their hardware keys to cloud-based licensing. If you’re hesitant, we get it – change can be daunting.

Your company might be leery about switching from hardware key licensing to cloud-based licensing because you’re concerned, you’ll have to move everything to the cloud at once. Fear not. You can keep some licensing on your traditional hardware keys, move some to on-prem software licensing, and some to the cloud.

In other words, you can go hybrid. This way, you migrate to the cloud for licensing at your pace. Because cloud-based licensing migration doesn’t have to be all at once.

Convince Me. Why Should I Make the Move to Cloud-Based Software Licensing?

Here are the top 7 reasons to make the move to cloud-based licensing:

  1. Immediate availability. Cloud licensing means your customers can access their software purchase right after registration.
  2. Less Management. No more hassles tracking and shipping dongles.
  3. Security. License data is stored in a protected location in the cloud, so you can feel confident about security.
  4. OpEx Savings. No manufacturing nor shipping costs.
  5. End-User Mobility. When licensing is verified online, end users don’t need to physically transfer the dongle to each device (and remember to do so between the office and remote work.)
  6. Environmental Compliance. Manufacturing and shipping create a significant carbon footprint. Cloud licensing makes your organization more eco-friendly.
  7. No Supply Chain Worries. It’s hard when supply chain problems wreak havoc on distribution. Eliminate this dependency by offering software or cloud licensing.

Watch the video above to learn more.

Case Study: JETCAM Issues Licenses in Seconds

Thales has enabled thousands of companies to add a SaaS licensing option while preserving hardware key and/or on-prem licensing.

One example: JETCAM International switched their software licensing from USB keys to the Cloud using Thales Sentinel. This move “allowed a different opportunity” because they could issue a license on a remote server anywhere in the world – in seconds.


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