casio case study

Increase Your Revenue and License Your Software in New Markets like Casio - Case Study

Casio Creates New Ways to License and Monetize its Software using Thales Sentinel

A worldwide manufacturer of consumer electronics and business equipment solutions, Casio has introduced digitalization in its business, starting with software licensing model for its renowned scientific calculators. As technology has progressed, so too have the market and the needs of individual calculator users. To meet the needs of these diverse markets and curriculums and better monetize its software products, Casio chose Thales as its partner for digital transformation.

Like many companies, Casio was in the hardware business but needed a solution to shift to a software-like business model. In addition to this they needed to expand and enrich its business in new markets such as calculator simulators for teachers.  They also wanted to monetize the software through licensing.  Casio also wanted to offer customized offerings for new markets such as free trials and customized commercial licensing term to suit each customer and market.  Finally, Casio wanted to provide an electronic software distribution to allow for more downloads from the internet for its calculators.  As many of its current customers are using tables and computers that do not have physical CD drives on them.

Download the report to learn:

  • How implementing a software monetization solution let Casio expand its flexible licensing terms.
  • How Casio was able to expand its market share and capture new business in European countries.
  • How a centralized licensing solution led to innovation and allow for a customer self service model via Casio's website.