Durkopp Adler opens new revenue streams

Create New Software Licensing Revenue Streams - DürKopp Adler Case Study

Create New Software Licensing Revenue Streams like Durkopp Adler - Case Study

DürKopp Adler AG Opens New Revenue Streams through Software

You won’t find many more quintessential examples of hardware than sewing machines. Still, in today’s world, software is becoming essential even in the most mechanical industries. Automation software is the tool of the future for Dürkopp Adler’s clients: it cuts the cost of labor, makes the production process more efficient and increases the company’s bottom line.

Implementing Sentinel’s licensing management system made Dürkopp Adler the first company in their industry to sell both machinery and a digital management product. “Copyright protection and expansion of digital market leadership is important,” says Timo. “The fact that we are the first to offer a digital product in our segment gives us a significant edge on our competition.”

Dürkopp Adler had four primary needs: the ability to create licenses with a term of use, the flexibility to create different levels of contract, a security check procedure (a footprint) for licenses, and automation of the entire process. Sentinel’s EMS and RMS systems were fully equipped to address each of these needs

Challenges for Durkopp Adler

  • The Ability to create a license with a term of use
  • The flexibility to create different levels of contract
  • Automate the entire process

Discover you how can:

  • Fulfill your business needs with technology
  • Fully automate their licensing, creating, and securing flexible licenses.
  • Opened up new revenue streams, increased profits, and continued to lead in their industry through software licensing solutions.
  • Software licensing led to a competitive edge against their competitors.

Switch to an easier software licensing solution, and automate the entire licensing process.  Get the case study to learn about Durkopp Adler's migration.